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Point of Sale (POS) System IT Support

Your check out counters, cashier's stations, and customer service desks need service and upkeep too! Just like regular computer systems, they can experience wear and tear as well as contract viruses and experience software glitches. Luckily our Geeks are just as experienced working with point of sale equipment, whether your point of sale is hardware or runs off cloud-based software.

Keeping your point of sale up and running is paramount to your business' income. We provide timely service to make sure your business experiences as little down time as possible.

We Save You Time

If your POS system is in need of support or repair, don't hesitate to call us at 1300 738 570 or use the online form to contact us any day of the week.


My geek was very efficient and certainly knew what he was doing!

P. Wallace, Twin Waters, QLD, 2014

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