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Network Reviews & Audits

Is your network safe from online attacks? Can viruses or spyware get through your firewall and wreak havoc on your business' computer systems? With BuzzAGeeks' network review and audits, you can know where your network's weak spots are and how to protect them before the worst case scenario happens.

Once your network has been audited, our skilled technicians can help you install further protections against spyware, malware, and attacks on your data to ensure that your business, its networks, and your data are protected from harm.

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Urgent is no problem-- our Geeks are available all seven days of the week for same-day service. Contact us via our online form or by phone at 1300 738 570.


Rudy was wonderful, my computer now operates very well, he went above and beyond. Thank you

D Molloy - Minyama- QLD 2015

Possibly the heaviest desktop computer ever may have been the IBM 5120 from 1980 - it weighed 105 pounds, not including the 130 pound external floppy drive.