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Support services for Microsoft SBS Server

Windows Small Business server is an affordable all in one solution for small business. SBS (Small Business Server) reduces the complexity and increases manageability of an IT infrastructure in a small business environment. 

Quite often small businesses spend a large amount of resources on their IT systems which interferes with their bottom line.

Wouldn't it be a great to have an IT infrastructure setup correctly and with regular maintenance making it WORRY-FREE?

The key benefits of SBS:

  • Simplifies small business IT infrastructure
  • Increases business productivity
  • Helps to protect business data
  • Reduces IT support
  • Allows your IT infrastructure to grow with your business

What SBS provides for your business:

  • Effortless filing and print sharing
  • E-mail and intranet capabilities
  • Automated backup capabilities
  • Identifying protection through Active Directory integration
  • Remote access for anywhere anytime access to files and applications
  • Simplified management wrapper using a pre-configured console for day to day management.

Where we fit into the SBS support picture

BuzzAGeek is an IT management company with real world experience in providing, configuring, managing and supporting SBS servers; and with our monthly fixed-cost support plans we can effectively manage your SBS infrastructure in an affordable way.

As a BuzzAGeek client, our IT support team has the experience and skills to effectively and efficiently repair, maintain, monitor, manage, support and repair your IT infrastructure. This is just one of the many reasons why BuzzAGeek is the top choice for computer services.

Call us! We would love to discuss your Small Business IT needs.


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