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Data Recovery, Storage, and Transfer Service

Have you lost progress to a computer crash one time too many? Need access old files from a new machine? Are you looking to protect your data from future threats or viruses? BuzzAGeek is hear to help! We offer:

  • Recovery of lost or damaged data files.
  • Precautionary data back-up assistance.
  • Small or large-scale data transfer between computers.
  • Data storage, including external drive and cloud storage.

Settle for Lost and Damaged Files No More!

When your laptop or PC dies, it is still possible to access its hard drive and rescue the data on it. Our Geeks can help you recover lost pictures, documents, and other data so that you won't lose your important files for good. We can also provide transfer services for moving important data from one computer to another. Transferring files between computers takes lots of time and storage space, so why not skip the hassle and let us do it for you? Whether you're looking to move an old hard drive's entire contents to your new computer or simply looking to transfer a few photo albums, BuzzAGeek can help you do it quickly and with minimum risk to your data.

For protection against lost or damaged content files, having a way to regularly back-up your computer's information is a priority. We at BuzzAGeek know how important it is to protect your work and data; that's why our Geeks are fully trained in setting up data storage protocols for all types of computers. From network storage to cloud storage, your files will be safe from broken parts, glitchy software, viruses, corruption and more-- even for professional strength video and image editing desktops.

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BuzzAGeek has our friendly and expert computer technicians on call all 7 days a week to help you with your worst emergencies. We guarantee a response within an hour, by phone at 1300 738 570 or via our online request form.


Thank you kindly for your warmth, support, patience and persistence. When we discovered that something "weird" was going on for our business emails & online accounting program, no-one from our "support/help" desks could help us. I was really worried about if the problem could be solved. Then I found you on online and I appreciate the way you dropped everything and came to help us at such short notice, taking our "urgent" matter seriously. You were there for us when we really needed you. Business was back up and running immediately after your visit, thank you. We know we can count on you next time we need computer support and we look forward to seeing you again and referring you on to our friends.

D. Quinn, Mount Coolum, QLD 2010

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