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Computer Upgrades

It's frustrating, but as technology moves forward your computer can be left behind. The newest software requires more storage space, more processing power, and more memory. In fact, it's said the average lifespan of a modern computer is just 2 to 5 years!

The good news is you don't need to buy expensive new equipment quite that often. With a just few enhancements your old computer can be improved to support your growing collection of family pictures, video clips or games. Upgrading your old computer can ensure it will still be able to run the newest software and meet the modern performance standards despite its age. Before you invest in another computer, save yourself both time and money by discussing your upgrade alternatives with one of our friendly Geeks. You'll be glad you did!

By examining your system and listening to your unique computer use requirements, BuzzAGeek can provide the necessary upgrades to get your system back into competitive shape-- and you don't need to do a thing. We come to your home, install the hardware required, and test the upgrade, all while answering any questions you may have about your newly improved system.

In the rare case that your old computer is beyond upgrading, we're still here to help. Our Geeks can help you choose a new computer that fits your needs. We stock a variety of state of the art pre-built computers as well as offering custom-build options. We also offer data transfer services to make moving all your important pictures and documents to your new machine that much easier. Best of all, BuzzAGeek runs on customer care, not commission; we will never try and coerce you into making a purchase or sell you something you don't need!

Home Computer Struggling?

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Like most, I tend to use and abuse my computer until it stops... then I freak out, call Buzz A Geek and pray my problems will be resolved...I have been using Buzz A Geek for 4 1/2yrs now and every time, EVERY TIME, they save me! I have never lost important information or images and they are conscience of not over-charging, which is why I return, or rather, have them return to me every time something goes wrong. I guess now I just need to listen to the advice they give me on backing up and viruses, but I don't mind the social friendly side of their visits.I never use anyone else when it comes to my computers and recommend them completely.Thanks Buzz A Geek, your advice and service is always appreciated very deeply :-)

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