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Computer Repairs and Technical Support - From the Comfort of Home!

Sick of computer support and service that doesn't happen on your terms and schedule? Tired of sitting in waiting rooms and wasting gas driving back and forth from your current repair shop, only to find your computer isn't ready? Do you call and call and never reach a real, live person? Are you curious to know exactly what's being done to your important equipment behind that closed door? Not with Buzz A Geek!

At Buzz A Geek, we take your comfort and satisfaction to heart. Our Geeks aren't just expert computer repair technicians and experienced IT support, we're also friendly people, too. We offer at-home, on-location service and repair for laptops, PCs, Macs, data recovery and transfer services, and more and we do it any day of the week. 

We come to you, when you need us, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about our work-- in fact, we offer informal computer training for the technologically curious as one of our many services!

Is Your Computer Slow or Broken? We'll Fix It!

When your computer stops functioning properly, don't throw it out! New computers can be costly and it takes time and tech savvy to move over all of your files and data. Our Geeks are here and happy to help revive and restore your computer to its previous speed and performance levels. We service:

  • All major laptop makes and models.
  • Desktop PCs, both factory and custom-made.
  • Macbooks, Mac PCs, and iMacs.
  • And your servers too!

We use only high-quality, factory grade parts that assure your computer operates to the best of its ability.

Files Lost? Data Corrupted? We Can Get It Back!

If the worst should happen and your computer should crash, that doesn't mean that your pictures, videos, documents, and other data have to go with it. Buzz A Geek also offers data recovery, transfer, and backup services to make sure that you can keep all your important files with you. With our help, you can:

  • Transfer important files from one computer to another.
  • Set up a backup system to protect your data in case of a virus or crash.
  • Restore and recover lost or corrupted files.

Our Geeks know how important the contents of your laptop, desktop, or Mac are to you. Let us help you keep them safe for years to come.

We offer more than just computer repair

We offer other services for people that don't have the time and would prefer a computer geek to visit them at home.

Here is a list of other services, not limited to;

Our Geeks also provide remote support

Ok, so you're very time poor, and need help when you need it, we can help. Our computer geeks can provide remote technical computer support during normal business hours. No fuss, no hassle, and on your time.

Available Monday through Sunday

Contact us by phone at 1300 738 570 or use our online contact form. We provide service any day of the week, including weekends, to help you even in emergency situations.


Like most, I tend to use and abuse my computer until it stops... then I freak out, call Buzz A Geek and pray my problems will be resolved...I have been using Buzz A Geek for 4 1/2yrs now and every time, EVERY TIME, they save me! I have never lost important information or images and they are conscience of not over-charging, which is why I return, or rather, have them return to me every time something goes wrong. I guess now I just need to listen to the advice they give me on backing up and viruses, but I don't mind the social friendly side of their visits.I never use anyone else when it comes to my computers and recommend them completely.Thanks Buzz A Geek, your advice and service is always appreciated very deeply :-)

A. Hargans - Peregian Springs 2014

Apple once created a stand-alone game console called the Pippin.

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