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Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Small Business?

By amancuso.


Which Social Media Site is Best for Your Small Business?

Does the world of social marketing confuse you? BuzzAGeek helps you figure out which social networking site will work best to connect your small business to customers, promote your brand, and increase your web presence.

Wearable Technology & How Your Business Can Benefit

By amancuso.

Google Glasses Img

Wearable Technology & How Your Business Can Benefit

Wearable technology is set to be the big thing for small business in 2014. BuzzAGeek shows you how you can use this new technology to help your business improve performance, increase efficiency, and master communication in the year to come.

How to keep your Computer running smoothly


Keeping the Computer Running

Here are a few simple things to keep your computer running smoothly.Cleaning

Cleaning up the Disk is one of them, maintenance is the key to all thing smooth, just like servicing your car.

With a few simple tools you can make your computer run more efficiently for longer, helping to reduce breakdowns as well as looking after your very important asset.

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Thank you kindly for your warmth, support, patience and persistence. When we discovered that something "weird" was going on for our business emails & online accounting program, no-one from our "support/help" desks could help us. I was really worried about if the problem could be solved. Then I found you on online and I appreciate the way you dropped everything and came to help us at such short notice, taking our "urgent" matter seriously. You were there for us when we really needed you. Business was back up and running immediately after your visit, thank you. We know we can count on you next time we need computer support and we look forward to seeing you again and referring you on to our friends.

D. Quinn, Mount Coolum, QLD 2010

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