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When to Call an IT Specialist?

By mnovak


Many of us know how to solve minor issues with our computers. Small fixes such as cleaning up the whirring fan, speeding up the system, or doing a data backup can be easily performed at home by a computer user with moderate skills. However, when a bigger IT problem at your small business occurs, it's always better to call for a specialist before jumping headlong into solving it. Because without proper skills and experience, you can do more harm than good.

So, when should you call for help?

Troubles with the Website

No matter how small the business, it always needs a website. A well-designed and informative website increases brand's awareness and generates traffic. However, there are numerous problems which can prevent the website from working properly, and more often than not, it's best to let the specialists handle the issue.

Website Keeps On Crashing


On many occasions, problems with crashing website can be resolved by calling the hosting provider. Hosting company might be performing a maintenance of some sort, and if not, they can address the issue immediately should the fault lie on their side.

That said, when your hosting service has nothing to do with a crashing website, the problem might be more complex.

Whether these are faulty plugins, links not properly redirecting customers, or issues with shopping cart—you should contact a specialist immediately, for the longer you wait, the more money you risk losing.

Remember, sometimes the error can be caused by a small mistake in coding that can be quickly fixed by specialists experienced in web development. However, trying to fix the problem on your own can result in further damage which, in turn, can be more expensive and more complicated to solve.

Problems with Network


Smooth data exchange and information flow between computers at a company, are building blocks of every business. When the communication process is disturbed, and employees experience problems while trying to send important documents to each other, the workflow of the company is highly impacted.

The numbers of issues which can cause network problems is so broad that without a technician it's virtually impossible to address them. However, before you contact a computer network specialist, make sure that all network cables are firmly attached to the affected computers and that every device connected to the network is plugged in and turned on. Restarting computers can sometimes also solve the issue.

If the problem persists, however, be aware that due to malfunctioning network, fragile data of your company can be exposed to third parties. Since you don't know what's causing the problem, your company could be a victim of a hacker's attack.

Contacting qualified specialists at BuzzAGeek is the easiest and fastest way to solve various IT problems so that your business can operate smoothly again.

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