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What to Expect from Your IT Service

By amancuso

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Not all IT support is created equal. Technology trends are changing fast, and so are the needs of its users. To stay ahead of the curve, your support company needs to be ready to help you with tomorrow’s technology problems today. Here at BuzzAGeek we strive to provide you excellent customer service with expert IT support. Here are five of the biggest upcoming trends in tech support BuzzAGeek is setting to give you the best experience possible.

Cloud Computing


As more and more data and applications go up into the cloud, IT companies must become familiar with rooting out quirks or conundrums that aren’t based on your disk or hard drive. Navigating the cloud to assist in troubleshooting cloud-based software or helping make your cloud-stored data secure are tasks your IT support should be willing and able to perform.

BuzzAGeek is familiar with cloud computing and even offers services to help you backup data to secure cloud-based servers to protect data loss in case of a crash. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you might have for us when it comes to providing cloud technology support.

Support for Multiple Devices


Nowadays it’s not enough to provide support for only laptops and PCs. Computing has hit a golden age where your small business uses phones, computers, and even tablets in everyday life. Your IT service should be similarly versatile, able to help troubleshoot for a wide range of devices and operating systems.

At BuzzAGeek, we provide repair and troubleshooting services for all major computer brands, from Apple to HP to Sony and more. We also pride ourselves in providing excellent support for local networks and servers, and can even provide software options to businesses looking to activate their workforce through use of iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

Real-Time Tech Team Access

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Your time is valuable, and your tech support team shouldn’t be wasting it. When an urgent issue arises, the longer the response time, the more downtime your small business suffers. That’s why modern tech support is leaning towards faster and more immediate forms of communication, such as social networking media, to keep in touch with their customers’ needs.

Our Geeks are available seven days a week, not just week days, to help get you up and running again as fast as possible. You can contact us by phone at 1300 738 570 during any of our hours, as well as via email on our site, where we promise to respond to your request within the hour. BuzzAGeek is also active on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and always happy to hear from our customers.

Proactive Client Education

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As technology becomes a bigger and bigger part of your daily lives, we know that you become more engaged with your devices; more eager to learn about them. The trend in IT support teams is moving away from that of enigmatic computer wizards who hit a button and miraculously fix the problem, and more towards that of the friendly experts who are just as happy to explain their process as they are to solve your dilemma.

Not only does BuzzAGeek offer informal computer training for those with eager minds and burning questions looking to increase their own skill set, but we also keep you up to date on the newest technologies as well as offer tips and tricks with helpful posts every week on our blog.

Sparkling Customer Service

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Friendly, helpful, and prompt service and support is the number one thing that you should always expect from your IT help. Facing a computer problem can be frustrating and confusing. Your tech support should always strive to provide an upbeat, professional experience that leaves you assured that you’re in good hands.

It is the goal of every Geek at BuzzAGeek to provide a supportive IT support experience for each and every one of our customers. We love to hear from our happy customers, and strive to constantly improve ourselves day by day. Please feel free to contact us and share your experience—we’d love to hear your feedback!

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