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Website Security Tools

By mnovak


Ensuring that the website of your company is safe from attacks of hackers, is one of the most important aspects of every business which exists online.

When your website has various security issues hackers can use those vulnerabilities for their own malicious purposes. Stealing data is only one of many consequences of a successful hacker's attack. Other things include: using the server of your website to send out spam, distribute illegal files by creating a web server which hosts them.

That's why when creating a website one has to be 100% sure, that everything that could have been done to guarantee the safety of it, has been done.

But how do hackers do it?


They have many ways, the most popular being usage of scripts which search for security flaws in websites. When that security flaw is found somewhere within your website it gives hackers green light to gain full access to your site.

So what can you do to sleep better at night knowing that your customers' personal information is safe and sound behind tall walls of appropriate website security measures?

First of all, make sure to use managed hosting services. This ensures that all of the software is always up to date and any possible security issues on the software side are resolved by the service hosting providers.

Secondly, beware of giving users of your website the option to upload files. Even seemingly harmful image files can be disguised as, for example, PHP codes, which allow hackers to take control over your server.

Hackers can also use XSS (cross site scripting) during their attacks. XSS is injection of malevolent code into the code of your website using Web applications created in, for instance, JavaScript. This practice can lead to hackers taking over users' account, including changing their passwords and stealing their personal information, but also implementation of 'false advertising' malware into the browser.


There are plenty useful tools available on the Internet that can easily check whether your website has any flaws which can by used by hackers to damage it. Below are two free and reliable scanners:



Caution: If any of the web vulnerability scanners listed above will detect security flaws in your website, be sure to contact professionals to solve the problem.

Never compromise the security of your business!

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