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Top Five Tips for a Successful Business Website

By amancuso

In this day and age, having an online presence for your business isn't a choice-- it's a necessity. A website makes you visible to both new and continuing clients. It allows you and your business to be found via search engines, globalizing your customer base. It allows your products, services, and business information to be easily accessed by curious customers. With the right additions, it will allow your customers to conveniently purchase your products or schedule your services right from their home. A website is an ongoing advertisement, a customer service device, and a digital storefront all in one.

So how do you make your webpage work for your business? How do you make sure that your website will captivate customers, answer their questions, and provide easy and accessible service that keeps them coming back time after time? Here are five tips to help make sure your website works to its fullest potential!

Web Design Scrabble

Tip One: Avoid the Clutter

The first thing a successful website will need is a simple, aesthetic, and practical front page. You might think that filling your site's homepage with all the newest, shiniest buttons and Flash animations possible will keep your customer's attention, but by overwhelming their eyes you're more likely to drive them away before they can read a single word! Fancy multimedia tricks can make your website look professional, but only in moderation: remember your customer is here to read about your business, not to see a light-show. Provide the relevant information upfront in an attractive but easily read font, and move on.

Tip Two: Keep Navigation Simple

Have you ever been on a website that has kept you clicking for hours trying to find the one relevant piece of information you need? Don't be that website. Your layout should be intuitive and clean, with all relevant information present right where the customer can find it. Utilize top- or side-menus that will direct the customer right where they need to go-- an About page to learn about your business; a Products or Services page outlining what you are trying to sell; a Contact page with your business' address, phone number, and a hotlink to your business' email. The easier you make it for your customers to get in contact or find what they need, the less frustrated they'll be and the more professional your website will seem.

Tip Three: Make Purchasing Easy

If you want your customers to be able to purchase your products or services through your website, make it as easy as possible for them to do this! Customers are more likely to complete an order for your project or schedule your services if they don't have to jump through hoops to do it. Make sure to have an "Order Item" or "Hire Me!" button that will streamline their shopping experience easily accessible from where they're viewing your list of products and services.

Not sure how to install such a thing on your website or in need of a more nuanced shopping system for your site? BuzzAGeek not only designs and supports websites that are tailor-made for each individual client, but can also help your site collect purchasing information to help you better serve your customers.

Tip Four: Design with your Brand in Mind

Now that your website has helped you gain another new customer, you want to make sure that they keep you in mind for next time. The best way to make sure that they remember you is to build your website with a cohesive and impressive brand design in mind. As with the homepage, the simpler and more iconic the look of your site, the better-- classy and cohesive is more effective than flashy and overwhelming. If your business already has a logo or color scheme offline, using these on your website will help unify your brand and will make your online business more memorable to repeat customers.

Tip Five: Update Often

Nothing makes a customer question the validity of a website like noticing all its information is eight months out of date. Not only does this make a site (and the business it represents) seem unprofessional, it may make them wonder if you still exist at all! Make sure to let them know that you're still available to serve their needs by keeping the information on your website current. Update changes in contact information, service and product price and availability, and company news like expansions or awards often-- let them know you're engaged in your business and they'll become so, too.

For more tips on building an enticing online web presence, contact BuzzAGeek and ask about their web design, development, and support services!

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