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Three Great Online Apps to Boost Business Productivity

By amancuso

When you're looking to boost the productivity at your workplace, one of the first, best places to look is at your technology. Is it up to date? Does it do what you need it to? Or are you losing time and money working with business programs that don't solve the everyday problems you face, or worse, cause even more? Sometimes a change in software can be the exact right thing to help you speed up and re-tune your small business for a better tomorrow.

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Here are three great online software apps that can help you streamline your small business and get the information you need to run everything smoothly, when you need it.

Hootsuite Socialmediamanagement Logo

HootSuite -- Social Media Management & Analytics

A Twitter Certified Program, HootSuite is one of the top-rated social media management programs small businesses can use to maintain and monitor their online presence. Since an online representation of your brand is so necessary for small businesses in the digital age, it's important to be able to consolidate your website, your Facebook, your Twitter, your Google+ and more into one place to truly understand the online impact your business has. HootSuite allows you to do that and more.

Besides creating one easy-to-use interface for posting web content, social media promotions, and interacting one-on-one with your customer base, it also allows you to track the activity of your interactions, find out which marketing platforms or strategies are garnering the most attention, and format that data into easily sharable reports. It also allows you to pre-schedule your posts, tweets, and other messages. The version recommended for use by small businesses begins at $9/month.

Monitae Logo

Monitae -- Performance Motivation & KPI Tracking

A good manager knows that there are two kinds of ways to motivate their workers-- intrinsic motivation, for when the employee has a personal, internal reason to work harder, and external motivation, when they're being motivated by an outside reward. Monitae helps you give your employees both. Monitae is an online app that helps you get to know your workers' strengths, weaknesses, and professional goals, as well as monitor their performance, track improvements over time, and offer external rewards to motivate them to work smarter and harder.

It offers several challenges and friendly competitions for easy implementation and sets up recognition and rewards to help employees feel empowered and motivated in the workplace. As a result of tracking, it also offers a number of Key Performance Indicator analytics which allow you to track not only individual performances but also team performance and overall sales and productivity.

Front Desk Hq Logo

Front Desk -- Scheduling & Customer Management

Front Desk is an online software app that works best for salons, medical offices, gyms, private tutors, and other service-related businesses. It works as an appointment-scheduling software and customer management system, letting you easily create an appointment calendar for your small business. Front Desk also helps you connect with your regular clients or members to better serve their needs by tracking your clients' account balances, contracts, and demographic information. It also helps you simplify the billing process and personalize interaction (whether face-to-face or electronic) with every member individually by letting you look up and manage their account and personal information. It also makes available several apps including a portable check-in station for the iPhone and iPad, and offers real-time analytics to track sales, revenue, and customer retention. The software begins at $45/month and its price scales with your revenue.

BuzzAGeek recognizes how important the software you use is to your small business, which is why we offer custom-built software to make and manage your website, monitor customer interaction and feedback, and more. The right software can make business so much easier; our unique and individualized software creation addresses your company's unique and individual needs. If any of the features in our recommended programs seem intriguing but aren't quite what you're looking for or don't work on the scale you need, we'd be happy to discuss what we can do to help.

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