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The Benefits of Remote Monitoring IT Support

By amancuso

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You’re looking for a Word file. Somehow it’s not where you thought you saved it. You head into the program’s support files to see if it’s there and-- whoops. Now the whole program is malfunctioning! But you don’t have time to sit and wait for your friendly tech support Geek to arrive. You need to fix the problem, and print your missing document, fast.

That’s the joy of Buzz A Geek and its remote support options. With the power of remote monitoring, urgent issues can be solved quickly by our experts without the wait time required for friendly in-person assistance. Choosing an IT plan for your small business with remote support also means you have another option besides troubleshooting over the phone.

What is Remote IT Monitoring?

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When referring to tech support, remote monitoring is the process of monitoring the performance and health of your computers and work desks from a remote location. It means having an IT help desk that exists off-site at all times, but will still be on-call. This means fixing problems in your small business’ infrastructure wirelessly and without interrupting your work day.

Remote monitoring IT support can perform tasks such as backing up important computer data to a secure server, installing software, debugging your machine, and fixing errors—just like most in person IT work.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

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To remotely monitor and service your computers, we first choose the proper software. Once the right software has been installed on your computer, our IT specialists can access the computer’s data wirelessly—but only when you give us permission. This process keeps your files and documents secure while giving us access to fix errors and find your missing data as needed.

Some programs will let us monitor performance data from our computers, allowing us to track how well your machines are running from our headquarters. It also allows us to catch signs of slow-down or viruses before they become a problem. The main tool we use to fix these problems is remote desktop access, which—again, with your permission—allows our techs to view your computer screen and control your mouse and keyboard from our computers.

When you agree to let us use remote desktop access, we recreate the same familiar routine of a face-to-face IT support visit without the commute time. Our friendly Geeks discuss your problem, troubleshoot, and explain what we’re doing to fix it. We dedicate our time to you and are available to answer any questions you have about the process—just over voice chat or a chat-box instead of face to face.

Will My Small Business’ Data Stay Secure?

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Yes. As always, your business’ data and security are forefront concerns to the staff at Buzz A Geek. We work hard to earn, maintain, and be worthy of your trust, as well as to protect your data from outside access. While the idea of remote computer access might seem scary, we stake our reputation on the security of the software we use and the integrity of our Geeks.

If you have questions about our remote monitoring process or would like to learn more about our security plans and policies, contact us at any point. We’re happy to answer your questions!

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