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Technology for Business Travel

By mnovak


Travel is an inseparable element of every business, and today's technology offers a number of smart solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners who are constantly on the run but still have to ensure the well-being of their company, clients, and employees.

Entrepreneurs and company owners have to perform variety of tasks during their travels beginning with simple things like reading and sending emails, and ending with more complicated matters such as, for example, managing spreadsheets, coordinating employers, managing the team etc.

So what kind of device meets the needs of a traveling entrepreneur best?

Smartphone, Tablet, or a Laptop?


Just a few years ago, laptops were the only reasonable choice for business travel due to their versatility and performance, now, however, when mobile technology advanced greatly, it's not the case anymore.

Both smartphones and tablets can now serve as fully-fledged business devices and help company owners be in control of their businesses at all times. But these are the tablets that serve as almost perfect business devices.

And here's why:

Tablets have longer battery life, and in some cases, a way lot of better than many laptops.

Compared to laptops, tablets are lighter and smaller; thus, are more comfortable to use which is especially important during travel.

New tablets are extremely flexible, and aside from tasks typical to laptops, they can also take high quality pictures and videos, or even serve as e-readers, which might come in handy when you get a little bored with a long journey.

NOTE: if you're running an online business, then a tablet could never be a replacement for a laptop. Laptops are more comfortable to use while working on longer texts (even if you would add an external keyboard to your tablet), plus they do better than tablets in performing highly complex tasks which require computing power of a laptop. Therefore, always consider your needs and the needs of your business before you decide on a device. Specialists at BuzzAGeek can help you pick the right device for you.

Mobile Hotspot


If your business depends heavily on the Internet connection, and these days most businesses do, then a smooth Internet connection, regardless of available fixed hotspots nearby, is a must.

A fast mobile hotspot connection gives you access to Internet almost everywhere and anytime, which in turn gives you a chance to always keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

In Australia, there are many companies which offer mobile broadband plans, so there's quite a lot to choose from, and it's always best to check what at least a few companies offer prior to deciding on your mobile broadband plan.

Aside from a good mobile broadband plan, you'll also need a mobile hotspot router. Check out this link for some suggestions.

You're traveling and have troubles with configuring your electronic device? BuzzAGeeks are here to help you out and explain how everything should be set without you having to postpone any arrangements. In case anything happens, with our Computer Help Over The Phone service we can solve most of your problems remotely.

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