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SteamOS Brings PC Gaming to Your Big Screen

By amancuso

When it comes to playing video games, things are usually split into two realms: that of personal computer-based games, and that of gaming consoles. Computer games belong, rightly enough, on your computer, while your console of choice-- Xbox, Playstation, or this generation's Nintendo-- gets the benefits of the living room: a bigger screen, a more social setting, and the ability to play with others without needing an online connection.

This month, computer games made a giant leap from the home office or den and into the living room. Steam, a cloud-based gaming platform that is famous for hosting both mainstream and indie games available for download and use on multiple internet-capable devices, has recently released the beta of their new operating system, SteamOS. SteamOS is notable for being the operating system of Steam's soon-to-be-released Steam Machines, which will function like a console and bring gamers the chance to bring their computer games into the living room by allowing them to play Steam games on their television.

Steam Os Logo Large

Steam officials have been working for a long time to bring Steam's large, adaptive gaming library, it's Steam Play ability (which allows you to buy a game once and then play it on any game-supported device without repurchasing), and its friendliness towards user-created content and additions to the living room. It took a while to decide that a brand new, unique OS would be the best way to bring the Steam experience to their users. "As we've been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we've come to the conclusion that the environment best suited to delivering value to customers is an operating system based around Steam itself," the announcement of the SteamOS beta reads.

SteamOS is a derivative of, but not the same as, Linux's Debian 7 code, also known as Debian Wheezy. Having its core code based off of a LinuxOS allows it to give the user full control over its customization, installing new content or software as the user sees fit. The Steam Machines as well will be open to customization as, outside of a few minimum specification requirements, it does not require any particular arrangement of computer components. This allows either individual players or Steam Machine manufacturers to build or augment the hardware and the software of their console as they see fit. It is also possible to download SteamOS for free, directly onto a personal computer that meets the minimum specification requirements-- however, this should only be done to computers intended to run SteamOS and only SteamOS, as it will erase everything else on the machine.

If you have any interest in customizing a personal computer to run SteamOS or want to build your own Steam Machine, BuzzAGeek can help. The BuzzAGeek team provides quality, custom-built computers for your home and business, and will help you create the perfect console for your game-playing requirements. They can also help you download, install, and adjust to the new OS, as Linux-based PCs may be confusing for first-time users.

Despite being based on Linux code, SteamOS will still support the ability to play games for Microsoft or Mac computers via its in-home streaming ability. By turning on Steam on a Mac or PC as one normally would, the console running SteamOS will be able to pick up the Mac or PC game via your home wireless and stream it directly to your television. SteamOS will also run many familiar media programs, meaning it will be possible to use your Steam Machine as a movie, television, and music player as well as a gaming device.

All in all, SteamOS is looking to be the best of what Steam has continued to provide gamers for years-- an easily accessible catalogue of both popular and indie games, with a community of over 50-million other players, and the ability to play your games whenever and however you'd like. It is clear that SteamOS will also allow the same personalized level of customization and user-generated content its parent-company Valve is well known for; meaning whether you're a casual player or a code-monkey, you are guaranteed to have a satisfactory gaming experience.

For further reading please follow this link SteamOS.

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