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Sony Pictures Entertainment – Yet Another Victim of Hackers

By mnovak


Only a few months after nude photos of many A-list celebrities leaked from iCloud another, much more dangerous breach of cyber security happened.

One of the biggest movie studios – Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) – has been a victim of cyber crime on the 25th of November. The amount of monetary damage SPE will suffer due to the attack can already be counted in millions of US dollars. However, the cyberattack ignited problems which might incur much more than financial losses to the entertainment giant.

Aside from thousands of leaked files among which there were personal information of employees such as salaries, medical records and social security numbers, private emails and movies yet to be released were also sent out to the file-sharing networks.

Hacker Attack

The cyberattack, or rather the information it revealed, might significantly harm the public’s perception of the Sony Pictures Entertainment. A blow no brand would like to take.

Cyberattacks are undoubtedly much more common today than they used to be just a few years ago. The fact that majority of businesses rely on internet connection puts a great number of them at risk of being victims of hackers.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has unfortunately neglected the importance of online security, a negligence which will probably take a lot of time, money and effort to fix, and even then there’s still no guarantee that the damage can be completely reversed, as the number of people directly affected by the hack is enormous.


Many online security specialists warn that more attacks aimed at movie studios may happen in near future. This warning cannot be ignored and has to result in developing tighter online security among companies to prevent further hacking incidents.

To protect your company’s good name, and the safety of your employees and finances, investing in online security is an imperative every even small business owner should remember about. Geeks at BuzzAGeek understand how important the cyber security is these days. By delivering newest and the most reliable online security solutions to your company we can almost completely eliminate the risk of a hacker’s attack.

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