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Russian Website Hacks Into Security Camera Systems


Security Camera systems compromised

A Russian website has been ordered to be shut down after it posts thousands of live feeds of on-line security camera systems. The website managed to hack into various systems and post images anything from hotel foyers to baby cribs. British privacy watchdog organisations were quick to order the Russian website down which was titled "On-line IP net surveillance cameras of the world", and warned that it was planning some form of regulatory action (read more here)

According industry experts these hackers were able to gain access to these security cameras through the factory defaulted security logins. The systems come shipped with a standard or default username/password or configured with very weak passwords. With thousands of Australian cameras being misconfigured, these hackers were able to take pictures over a period of time, invading the owners privacy. 

With swift action being taken it seems that most if not all the camera footage had been taken down overnight.

How to protect yourself?

When installing or having a security camera installed, it's best to change the passwords of the default users, and make these passwords rather complex. A combination of upper case characters, numbers, and even symbols, will stop most hackers from "guessing" the password. Also extending the length of a password to say 8 characters or more will improve a passwords strength. In most cases having security cameras exposed to the Internet is a risk in itself. 

Security Camera Russian Website

Rather use a VPN to view your cameras

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs have been around for ages now. Most home based routers have the ability to create a secure tunnel (or VPN) between your internet device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and your home network. A VPN establishes an encrypted connection so that hackers are unable to tap into your personal internet traffic. 

So, if you wish to access your cameras remotely and you don't want to expose them directly then creating a VPN connection is the safest thing you can choose. In doing so you can keep your security camera system behind your firewall and not expose it to the internet.

Are you worried your cameras are exposed on the Internet?

If you wish to install a secure security camera system or would like to ensure that your system is completely safe, then our computer technicians can help you. Give us a ring and we'll be happy to assist you.

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