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Project Management Software

By mnovak


Organization is the key ingredient to getting the work done; therefore, every business owner needs to be sure that their employees work in a way that results in projects finished on time. Hitting deadlines, assigning tasks, managing working time of the employees—can all be tricky when when you don't have the tools necessary to make these tasks easier. Luckily, there are many useful and valuable project management (PM) programs which help small businesses organize themselves.

This week, will take a look at three popular project management programs to help you decide which one best fits your business.



Asana is a very complex, cloud based work organization platform. The main server resides at and the application can be run on on both mobile phones (Android and iOS) and PCs. Asana has many tools designed to improve teamwork and make the collaboration easier. Users can exchange files between each other, set priority levels to specific parts of particular project. Employees can also comment on tasks, and attach files within the discussion; and after integrating Asana with a 3rd party software, you can easily track the time your employees spend on specific tasks.

Asana's interface is intuitive and easy to use. Planning and organizing projects here is simple--traits which make Asana a valuable project management software.



Basecamp, similarly to Asana, is also a very useful PM program. Basecamp can help you with talking the projects through with your employees, scheduling meetings, setting due dates, sharing files, and, what's probably the most important, giving you insight to to how your employees are doing their job.

Basecamp can be integrated with third-party tools for instant messaging so that communication between your team members is even more simplified and convenient. Plus, each of your projects has its own homepage on which employees can share their work. When there there is quite a significant number of files assigned to a specific project, Basecamp, has a smart set of tools designed for viewing and sorting these files for your convenience.

Aside from that, Basecamp offers its users a highly modifiable calendar; for specific projects, a general calendar of the whole team, and your own custom calendar.

Although Basecamp comes with a lot of features, and is probably the most advanced one, it's also the only program on this short list which has no free subscription. Still, Basecamp is one of the most renowned project management programs which will undoubtedly benefit your business.



Although Trello is extremely useful in helping you organizing your projects, it's not a typical project management software. However, if you are looking for a software best for planning projects on a step-by-step basis, then Trello will prove great.

Trello lets you quickly arrange and visualize what you have to do to get the project done, and in this aspect this program might be best from all three. Just like in Asana and Basecamp, in Trello users can also exchange files and discuss the projects in real-time. Every member of a particular team can share his or hers progress and keep other employees updated on what is currently being worked on. Additionally, Trello offers its users a wide array of add-ons and plugins, all designed to make your work more efficient.

Project management programs are useful, but maybe your business needs something else they don't have? In that case, contact our Geeks and we'll be glad to make your business run smoother with our software Infrastructure Solutions Design & Implementation.

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