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Online Point of Sale Makes Checkout Easy for Small Businesses

By amancuso

For small businesses, especially those who are involved in retail, one of the biggest expenses can be the equipment used for processing your customers’ payments—in other words, equipment for your point of sale. Registers, inventory systems, barcode scanners, credit-card processing: all of these things cost money, and yet are necessary for getting paid for the hard work you and your employees do.

However, for those small businesses looking to cut down on equipment space and expense without sacrificing customer service or payment processing options, there exists a cheaper option than investing in bulky check-out equipment. Online Point of Sail software such as VendHQ, Square, or ZingCheckout can allow you to process payments for your products and services anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a device to access it.

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What is Point of Sale software?

Point of Sale (or POS) software is the software that allows a place of business to process payment from a customer in exchange for goods or services rendered. In other words, the POS is the checkout counter, at least in most traditional retail establishments. Modern POS software is usually designed to process multiple kinds of payment, from cash to credit and debit cards, checks, gift cards or certificates, and more. POS systems can also keep track of inventory and item pricing, payroll, promotional dates and pricing, sales, and with the proper accoutrements can scan bar codes, print receipts, register customers as discount club members, monitor sales data, and more, with the correct programming.

What are the benefits to Online POS software?

Online POS software, or cloud-based POS, allows vendors to access their POS system from any device that has access to the internet. In other words, instead of installing the POS software directly to each individual computer or device you plan to use for checkout, you can instead process a customer’s payment from any internet-capable device in the store, via your chosen POS service’s online website. This allows you to avoid having to shut down a checkout counter if a computer crashes as you can simply work from that counter with a laptop or iPad.

It also allows small businesses to make the Point of Sale anywhere in the store; instead of waiting in line, customers could simply approach a customer service representative armed with a smartphone or tablet which is running the online POS software and purchase those items immediately. This could also work for restaurants and other hospitality-based services, which would save on time by being able to process a customer’s payment at the table instead of having to take the payment back to a register for processing. And hey—want to save on paper and ink? Many online POS systems will also have an option to email or text your customer’s receipt to them.

How do I choose the right Online POS system for my small business?

Choosing the right online POS system for your business can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. BuzzAGeek’s intrepid IT Geeks can help you identify and install the Point of Sale system that will best serve your business’ software needs. Here are some questions to consider when comparing online POS systems:

  • What sorts of payment options can it process, and is there a fee? While most POS systems will be able to process cash, checks, and credit/debit cards, occasionally there will be a fee for processing credit card payments through the system.
  • How friendly is their product management? Do they allow you to track inventory data? Set and change pricing? Is it possible to print sale or marketing reports? All of these things can be helpful for managing inventory and for seeing which items are selling and which are not.
  • Do you want a Customer Loyalty program? A customer loyalty program can be a great way to engage with your regular customers and to encourage new clients to become repeat buyers or diners. Not all POS systems have this option, so do your research beforehand.

Looking for fast and efficient IT services for your business and its' point of sale system? Look no further! Call our Geeks today and ask for same day service. Our computer geeks are situated throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

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