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NBN, Good or Indifferent

NBN and what can it do for you.

It could give you access to clear Skype images and clear voice calls over the internet (VOIP),
fast banking and sharing of documents, use of cloud computing not yet conceived of in Australia but available in many other countries, watching MOVIES instead of waiting 2 hours for it to down load. Making us all very much more connected than what we are today. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Whether you believe the Labour or the Coalitions roll out of the NBN is better or worse, it is of little consequence for those of us who have mediocre connection at the moment any way. Whichever way it goes the NBN is going to be better than what we currently have. Computing It Services Buzz A Geek

Poor connections, companies squabbling over who is to blame for a breakdown, long delays because staff have been laid off, or just because you live more than 5 minutes outside of the CBD. We have all had problems from the home, let alone those of us who choose to have our office at home, it can be a night mare, and often is.

It is very difficult to say when or where the NBN is going to be rolled out in your area, you can go to the NBN web site but it will be unreliable until the current Government decide whether or not to use their roll-out type which is (FTTN) fibre to the node (street) and then copper to the home or use the Labour roll-out of (FTTP) Fibre to the home or premises.

As they say “It won’t happen overnight but it will happen”, just don’t hold your breath it may be a while.

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