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How Wearable Technologies Can Improve Your Life and Your Business

By mnovak


Wearable technologies are currently one of the most sought after technological solutions with tens of billions of dollars in earning potential. It’s estimated that the annual growth rate of wearables will reach $30.2 billion in 2018 compared to $9.2 billion of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) reached in 2014. These numbers say everything about the increasing popularity of wearable devices.

We already know about Google Glass, Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but there are many more innovative devices that will swiftly record and later process crucial information about ourselves and our surroundings. Let’s take a little peak at two of the most promising and intriguing devices that can be attached to our bodies, and check how using them can improve our lives and the quality of our businesses.

Project Underskin


Most, if not all of us, know the feeling when we can’t find our security pass badge anywhere even if our life depended on it. We search our desk, scan the floor, waste our time, only to find the little piece of plastic tugged deep inside one of our pockets. Project Underskin – a concept from NewDealDesign – is supposed to make a great deal of everyday tasks easier for us, for example let us open secured doors using only our hand equipped with their digital tattoo.
Although the actual tattoo isn’t yet available it’s predicted to hit the market within five years. The tattoo would use our bodies as its source of energy leaving the device always fully charged and ready for action. The spectrum of new possibilities it would bring into our lives is very wide, opening locked doors being only one of the few. Check out this link for more information.

Moto 360


Motorola’s smartwatch, released in September 2014, was designed keeping professionals in mind. With its sleek colours this classically stylized device proves to be an efficient mobile phone replacement. Equipped with Android, the accessory can be solely operated using voice commands, which comes handy during many situations a business owner might face during the day.

Moto 360 is advertised as an assistant for professionals who value time and appreciate new technologies. The fact that Moto 360 can read messages, keep track of our calendar and remind us about important meetings or tasks, makes it one of the most convenient solutions for busy business owners and professionals.

The pace at which new technologies are emerging is truly inspirational, however, as interesting as reading about them is, it’s also important to check whether your current hardware is healthy and upgraded sufficiently enough to provide you with decent working experience. If you would like to refresh some of your old devices or maybe buy something completely new, give our Geeks a call and we will sort all of your problems out.

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