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Have a Smart Home Today

By mnovak


The future has arrived. Things that were once considered science fiction can now be easily implemented into your house. Thermostat that sets itself prior to your arrival, doors that lock and unlock themselves automatically after sensing your presence, security system which informs you about the threats detected at your home—are all only a few among many things that are now available for consumer usage. The only requirement is to have a smartphone and a device, for example, SmartHub or Staples Connect, which controls particular appliances at your house.

Now let's take a closer look at the awesome things these devices can do.

Automatic Thermostat

Whether you want your house to be perfectly cool when you arrive from work on a sizzling hot afternoon, or your apartment to be nice and warm when rain seems to be pouring down endlessly, is not a problem with today's technology.

With a smart thermostat you can control the temperature in your house using a simple application on your smartphone, and adjust it to your comfort while you're commuting from work. You can also set the thermostat to automatically switch to energy-saving mode whenever you leave the house, and, as a result, lower your energy bills.

Smart Doors


How many times a week do you lose or misplace your keys and then waste time and nerves searching for them? A few minutes wasted every other day on searching your keys seems like little time, but when you think about the time it amounts to over the whole year, it suddenly starts to matter.

With a device controlling your doors, this kind of unnerving inconveniences are bound to end.

Using geolocation services and GPS in your smartphone, the doors to your house will close and open automatically upon your departure or arrival respectively. The same can be applied to your garage doors.

When the smart hub detects that you are nearing your house, it opens the doors for you. No more fumbling for keys in your pockets or purse--you can grab the doorknob and get inside just by having an operational smartphone with you.

Smart Security

After installing special sensors on windows and doors at your house, the smart hub will notify you whenever someone breaks in or a movement is detected. Additionally, to provide more security, the smart hub can be set to turn the lights on and send a loud signal form a siren should a break-in is detected, and scare the burglars off.

Moreover, by installing the moisture sensor, the smart hub will report when there's a water leak so that you will be able to react before a serious damage to your house is incurred.

Automatic Lights Control


Using your smartphone, you can set when lights at your house and particular rooms turn on and off. If you want for the lights in your bedroom to turn on gradually when you wake up so that you're eyes have the time to adjust to the brightness, you can do so with the smart control hub by setting up special rules in the application.

With the application, you also won't have to worry whether you've turned the lights off when you left your house, for the app will turn them automatically the moment it senses you're not in the house.

If you need help setting up electronic devices such as these mentioned in the post, or need technical support for other computer related matters, feel free to ask our specialists for assistance. We provide friendly, on-time computer support, and will be glad to help you out.

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