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Google Chrome OS!

Looks like a laptop! Feels like a Laptop! Is it a Laptop?

Can we use the Google chrome laptop for business?Google Chrome Os

and is it any good for the home user?

The Google Chrome operating system looks to be solid and stable and simple to use, it is based on Google Chrome the web browser and simply runs quite fast, it can boot your laptop in about 10 – 20 seconds and is ready to go, much faster than windows can, it is simple to use and quite robust, all updates are automatic with antivirus built in so you needn't buy extra software.

Google Chrome is open and free to use and comes with many good and interesting apps such as Drive (cloud document folders), Docs (word processing), Hangouts (social media), Sheet (spread sheeting), Gmail (email of course) and many others, the list is endless. You could operate this laptop completely separately from anything to do with Microsoft and do it quite well. There are however some limitations to things which you may be quite attached, like ITunes or outlook email, USB printing or powerful excel spreadsheets.

Most of Googles apps are cloud based (on the internet) however you can get Gmail, and Docs to download so if you are not in an internet covered area (and we know there are plenty of those in Australia) you can still get your work completed and sync up to the cloud when the internet is active.

A notebook or Laptop using Google Chrome OS works like any other using Windows, you turn it on and start using it for email, web browsing, watching Youtube etc. and it will work (you may need to think outside the box for a while whilst you get used to it) and it works successfully for those wanting a basic system at a cheaper price.

If you are a business? There can be traps, it will not integrate with software written outside the Google environment, and macro’s you would normally use in Excel or Word don’t translate properly and so stop working. Most of us however don’t do huge spread sheets or more than basic word processing anyway so for a small business trying to save money on setup cost it may be the way to go.

The amount of things you can do on a Chrome Book is endless, and might fit very well with a small to medium business or even for personal use, but there are catches, if most of your clients use Microsoft then it may be better to remain with Microsoft, if however you can all use PDF documents or if you need to collaborate on documents you all use Google Docs, then all is good.

Here is a list of things a business should consider before using Google Chrome OS.

  •  Do you use Google Apps? If so, do you have GA+ and sync your passwords
Chrome books use Google Apps or Gmail to authenticate users. Google Apps authentication only works with users who have the latest version of Apps, often called GA+ or merged name space. Chrome books also require customers to have their passwords stored a Google even when using Single Sign On.
  •  Do you use applications that run outside a web browser?
Chrome books are built to access web browser applications and do not support locally installed applications. If you need to access any “native” applications, you will need a virtualization solution. Chrome books support Citrix, RDP solutions like Ericom AccessNow and similar technologies like Desktone.
  • Have you tested your Apps in the chrome browser without plug-ins like Java or Silverlight?
Some applications do not support the chrome web browser, or have a limited feature set when running in Chrome, Other applications require plug-ins like Java and Silverlight. Whilst Chrome books do have Flash built in, they do not support most other plug-ins, so test first to make sure they work
  •  Do you need access to and local devices like printers?

Chrome books only support a limited set of connected hardware, keyboards, monitors, mice etc. Chrome books do not support USB printers – all printing must be done using Google Cloud print. Chrome books do however support USB flash drives and a variety of memory cards.

So if you want further information about what is best for your business or home, contact us here at Buzz A Geek and we look forward to being able to help you.

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