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Fresh News from Microsoft

By mnovak

Windows 10 Wallpapers 2

Last week, during Windows 10 event, Microsoft unveiled a little more about its newest OS, plus introduced a completely innovative and revolutionary device - HoloLens.

But let's start with Windows 10 first.

It's a common knowledge that Windows 8 didn't receive as much positive feedback as Microsoft would like it to, thus, users and business owners have been on the look out for new Microsoft's new OS ever since the giant announced it's advanced works on it in the end of September 2014.

What do we know about Windows 10?

Microsoft received huge backlash for the lack of traditional start menu in Windows 8 and 8.1 (the upgrade introduced the widely recognizable start menu icon, but the actual menu was still that of Windows 8), in Windows 10 all of that changes. New Windows 8 design will combined with the traditional start menu common to all Windows versions prior to Windows 8.

Start Menu1

Aside from the design, one of the many new features of Windows 10, is the introduction of Cortana - application made to improve user experience. Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant version of widely known Siri and Google Now. Cortana is already available to Windows Phone users, and example of its commands and features can be found here.

Windows 10 will also have improved security features. The new OS is going to be equipped with two-factor authentication (2FA) process. 2FA guarantees more protection by using common password protection combined with additional authentication over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using user's mobile phone.

Another good news on Windows' 10 security forefront, one especially important to business owners, is the implementation of a number of new security measures designed to decrease the possibility of hackers' attacks. The security feature proposed by Microsoft will allow the administrators to encrypt important corporate information. This solution makes it possible to secure data while employees work remotely on their personal computers.

Unfortunately, among the sea of what we know about Windows 10, there are still a lot of unknowns, and even Microsoft isn't sure how the final version of its new operating system is going to look like. The exact release date also hasn't been revealed, but Microsoft hinted it to be somewhere around the end of 2015.

Now let's take a look at a truly magnificent wearable gadget from Microsoft.


Windows Hololens 960 2

The functions and features of HoloLens are spectacular and the introduction of this innovative weareable is most definitely a step into the future. A step which is already said to revolutionize the way in which we perceive augmented reality.

Microsoft's new device is going to be compatible with Windows 10, so the whole user experience of this OS will be completely different from what users are used to, offering a number of new solution and possibilities most people haven't even dreamed of. Appearance of HoloLens on the market has the potential of sparking up new businesses and changing how old ones currently operate.

But words can't accurately describe just how great HoloLens might turn out to be, so here's the official demonstration video.

Before we get our hands on the new OS from Microsoft, we still have at least several months of usage of our current versions of Windows. That said, if you're experiencing slowed system performance, receiving BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) often, or aren't sure whether your computer is 100% virus and adware free, contact our Geeks, and we'll look into your problem in no time.

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