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First Batch of Apps from Apple and IBM Collaboration

By mnovak

Apple Ibm

Apple and IBM have been working on applications for specific industries since July 15th 2014 and earlier this week the two giants have finally introduced the long awaited outcome of their collaboration. The aim was to set the future of enterprise mobility and the first batch of newly released applications prove that iPads and iPhones are, in fact, essential working tools for many professionals.

Custom built applications

Apple Ibm Passenger

Incident Aware, gives police officers in-depth information about incidents happening in the area by providing them access to real-time maps and video feeds of reported crimes. The application also includes information about victims involved and estimated level of danger.

Plan Flight - pilots can now easily browse through manifests, upcoming flights and plans to better manage fuel expenses - all of the information available on their iPhones and iPads with just a few swipes of a finger.

But there’s also something for flight attendants. Passenger+ is an application that helps crew members deliver better flying experience to passengers by giving them insight to information about booking, re-booking, baggage, and various special offers.

Enterprise Hardware 2x

Thanks to Sales Assist retailers can now meet the needs of their customers easier and faster. Sales Assist remembers the style preference of clients, suggesting them items that are in tune with their past purchases. In addition, clients can quickly locate the items they would like to purchase in store, check their availability, and even place an order for an item they desire from a different shop.

These are just a few from the very long list of more than 100 tailored applications. You can find those newly released ones here.

Enhance your small business

Such advanced solutions are by no means reserved solely for big brands. In times when innovative technology is the future it’s essential even for small businesses to invest in applications that will benefit both the clients and employees.

Believe us when we say that some things can be done faster and more effective. Don’t stay behind, call one of our Geeks and we will analyze the needs of your business showing you various ways in which personalized applications could increase your profits, efficiency, and positive experience of your clients and employees.

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