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Data Rentention bill shelved for now

With the terror attacks that have taken place in the last decade and with piracy running rampant in Australia the government is proposing a data retention bill. This bill will ultimately seek to store all communications, such as mobile calls or internet usage, into a large central repository, and required to be stored for up to 2 years. This would allow the government agencies to utilise this data and generate profiles of activity of Australians. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has said the data retention will be used to pursue on-line pirating.

Data Retention

The communications minister tried to push through this policy at the beginning of this month but sense prevailed and the bill as being agreed to be delayed until some time in 2015. The bill was also meet by an outcry by iiNet who think that storage of such data would cost more than $500 million (AUD) and that cost invariably will be directed back to the consumer making Internet access more expensive than what it already is now. The other case in point is that Australian isn't equipped cost-effectively to house all this data and would need to look at off shore data centres such as China. 

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