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Custom Built Software - Essential Part of Every Business

By mnovak


Custom built software is what every business needs. It's what attracts more clients and encourages the ones that already know a particular brand to hold on to it. Custom software like, for example, mobile applications, designed for the betterment of your employees and clients, implies competence and professionalism of your business.

New apps are surfacing on a daily basis, however, those which are actually interesting enough to look into, are less than scarce. But just when you think the world of apps and technology couldn’t surprise you anymore, it does exactly that.

This week, we'll take a look at two brilliant ideas which turned into great applications.

Mobile App

Let’s assume you own a small tailoring company, and you’d like it to be unique, you’d like it to stand out from other similar manufacturers simply because businesses that stand out, get more attention than others, thus luring more clients.

That’s how MTailor came into life.

With MTailor buying a shirt is a close encounter with science fiction, except it’s the reality. MTailor lets you buy a perfectly fitting shirt without you ever leaving your house.

The app takes the measurements of your body using your phone’s camera, in less than 5 minutes. You decide on the colour, cuffs, collar, and style of your shirt, and in a matter of 3 weeks your custom made shirt is delivered straight to your house. Isn’t that a great way of making business and ensuring positive experience in your clients?

But there’s an even more fabulous app out there.

Let’s imagine you’re coming back from a social gathering. You are tired and not exactly in the mood for browsing the meanders of your mobile phone, let alone taking it out from your purse or pocket. Why not just click the heel of your shoe three times and have an Uber pick you up in fifteen minutes? Sounds too unrealistic? Well, it’s how Dorothy the app works.

Dorothy comes with a small device called Ruby. Ruby goes into your shoe. The device has an accelerometer, Bluetooth module, and a battery inside. The accelerometer recognizes when you click your shoes three times, then the device connects with your phone to execute a previously assigned command like, for example, calling a taxi for you.


If you would like your small business to have an application, website, or integrated software, contact us. BuzzAGeek specializes in developing custom made software to help your business run smoothly, and increase the satisfaction of your clients and employees. If you’d like to get more information on how we can improve the quality of your small business, give us a call.

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