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Crowdfunding as a Valuable Marketing Tool

By mnovak

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Crowdfunding, a practice of raising money for certain causes through Internet, is usually associated with helping those in need or new entrepreneurs get funds for startups. However, with increasing popularity of crowdfunding platforms, an incredible marketing potential for bigger and widely known brands emerged.

One would wonder how could a crowdfunding site work for the betterment of an already established brand or company? After all, corporations don’t need the money to set their businesses up. What they need, however, is to attract more clients, and more importantly, create a strong bond with those who are already acquainted with the brand.

This client-brand bond can be achieved by creating crowdfunding projects that call to action in noble matters.

There are many brands which pursued this form of promotion, achieving great marketing results. For example Dell, created a project in which backers (people who donate money on crowdfunding platforms), could help the less wealthy college students buy their laptops. Honda, on the other hand, proposed a campaign aimed at saving the decreasing number of drive-in theaters. Even though Honda’s campaign didn’t reach its estimated goal, it still evoked a lot of positive feedback from many customers, bringing in a number of new clients, as well.


Crowdfunding campaigns warm up the image of various brands by allowing their customers to actively participate in them--a procedure proved to gain more sales than any other commonly known form of raising donations. Many crowdfunding platforms can be easily connected with other social media platforms; thus, creating an interactive fund raising experience in which donors can actively participate.

By allowing backers to comment, discuss, and follow the progress of a campaign of their choice, companies bring themselves closer to their customers, establishing the bond so much needed for future sales and the general positive overview of the brand.


However, to have a 100% guarantee that your business attracts clients you have to invest in many various internet marketing elements. A fully-fledged internet marketing campaign that brings sales and customers is a carefully thought out combination of brand’s visibility on social media (through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and Youtube), a responsive, well-designed and SEO optimized website, plus alternative and innovative forms of marketing such as crowdfunding campaign for a socially appealing cause.

But the most important aspect of internet marketing is still the website of your company. After all, it’s were all of your future customers end up encouraged by other mediums. Our Geeks will be glad to design a responsive, visually appealing website that your customers will love.

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