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Cloud Storage Data Encryption

By mnovak


Cloud storage is an incredibly convenient and popular way of storing data. However, the safety of cloud storage services has from the beginning been an issue among its existing and potential users. What is especially bothersome to both, are the imperfections in cloud storage encryption methods.

When data is sent out to one of the cloud storage services, it undergoes encryption process so that third parties don't have access to the information that data contains, for after the information is encrypted, it makes no sense to the reader. However, until cloud storage provider holds the decryption key, there still is a risk of that key falling into hands of unwanted people, and as a result, the data can be compromised.

But, aside from potential attack of hackers, many company owners fear their data to be accessed via gag orders issued by various law enforcements. Such access could occur even without the knowledge of the company, as law enforcements don't have to inform company owners about the procedure, and when a gag order is issued, cloud storage service providers have to allow access to law enforcements.

Enterprise Key Management


Fortunately, with the launch of new feature from cloud storage service provider, Box, all of the above has a chance to change.

The new feature, called Enterprise Key Management (EKM), offers clients the possibility of having a unique encryption key that only they'll have. The lack of centralized key system excludes the possibility of a security breach by third parties. This solution lets company owners choose who can access the company's data stored on the cloud. Even the cloud storage service provider doesn't have access to the cloud, so in case a gag order is issued, cloud service provider won't have the key to the cloud.

But that's not all of it. The devices on which the data is stored are also secured against physical access, therefore, if invalid password is entered too many times, the device will destroy itself.

New Possibilities for Businesses


The aim of Enterprise Key Management is to allow companies to store even the most sensitive data--an option which was not possible up until now.

With the new feature from Box, the risk of any unwanted breaches is greatly diminished. This might seem particularly attractive to industries which have strict data-protection protocols in force. Since all visits to the cloud are logged, and access to the cloud strictly controlled, many company owners might find EKM useful.

As secure as cloud services are gradually becoming, it's still advisable to lean toward traditional methods of data storage and security. Should you like to get more information on cloud storage providers, please contact one of our Geeks . We'll be glad to explain to you all of the technological intricacies if something is unclear.

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