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Google has an amazing ability to create new innovative products and Google Chromecast is just one more notch in their product belt.

What is Chromecast? 

In simple layman's terms Chromecast is a device that converts your HDTV to a smart TV. It allows for the hassle free connection of your mobile device, computer or laptop with your TV without hooking it up with a HDMI cable or adapter. The Chromecast plug connects into your HDMI port your TV. It requires external power through an AC adapter or through the TV USB port.

But before you power the device up you need to head over to the Google Play app store or add the Chromecast plugin to your Google Chrome browser. Now connect the device to your TV to power it up. The setup screen will display on your TV which allows you to connect your Android smart phone or browser. Both platforms will have a TV icon allowing you to easily select next time you need to run the application.

The casting is seamless without any lag. As of today, There are three apps that support Chromecasting; namely Youtube, Netflix and Google Play Movies. 

Google Chromecast 2

Unlike AirPlay from Apple Mac, the cool feature of Chromecast is the ability to cast a video, and then continue to use the Android phone or Google browser for other things. It keeps on playing what you asked it to cast in the first place.

The cost? An easy $35 USD. With the advent of new applications being designed the future looks incredibly bright for Google's Chromsecast.

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