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Caring For Your Computer

By mnovak


There wasn’t a computer invented yet which didn’t need any form of maintenance. External factors damaging your computer, such as high temperatures, humidity, dirt etc. are one thing to watch out for, but to be truly satisfied from the performance of your laptop/PC the key is to care for its system, and everything connected with the software installed on it.

To keep your computer in good shape it's essential to obey a few general rules. However, if you’re still experiencing poor performance, and despite of your efforts the computer still boots very long, programs start forever, and videos glitch, feel free to contact one of our geeks.

Software which ensures your system’s health


Today, having only antivirus as a form of protection is not sufficient anymore. During one hour of Internet browsing the amount of Temporary Internet Files and data can equal as much as few megabytes and more, depending on your browsing habits.

When you don’t take action in removing the remains of your web surfing, in a month you can arrive at a mind-blowing 1GB of completely useless data, which does only one thing and only – slow down your computer.

Seemingly small things account for redundant megabytes which are viciously clogging your system. They include: Temporary Internet Files, data forms, Web browser history, and cookies. There are various programs which help to keep your system clean. Programs such as CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and options included in your browser, can get rid of all of the unwanted data that torments your computer.

Routine Maintenance


Most people use their computers for more than just Internet browsing. Gaming, using various programs, downloading data from numerous sources (not all of them trusted). All of these actions have bigger or lower impact on the performance of our computers. That is why it's recommended to do the following PC preventative maintenance procedures at least once a month.

1) Go over the Add and Remove Programs utility and look for applications, games etc. that you haven’t been using lately and don’t plan to use in future.

2) Make sure to install all of the updates for your system. Don’t postpone it! Especially if the updates concern security updates. The same goes for other programs that you use frequently.

3) Remember to have a valid license for you antivirus and have its signature database up-to-date. Only then can you be sure that you are safe from malicious software, Trojans, and viruses.

4) Defragmentation & checking for errors. These two are maintenance procedures ignored too frequently by many computer users. Yet these are the procedures that keep your computer and disk drive healthy. Defragmentation should be performed once a month, however, if you are one of the forgetful users, be sure to do it at least twice a year.

If all of the above seems like a little bit too much for you, don’t worry. BuzzAGeek has people who will be more than glad to walk you through these steps, plus suggest more solutions based on the individual assessment of you and your computer’s needs.

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