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Australian ISP's placed under pressure to divulge your downloading habits...

Thar be pirates in Australia!

Australian piracy is rampant with 9 out of 10 Australians download the latest movies and TV series. With the help of download tools like Bit-torrent or uTorrent, this on-line content is freely accessible and shared incredibly fast. The legal rights owner's to this content or powerless to stop it. There are many reasons why piracy is rampant but cost could be consider to the foremost reason. The cost of movies, TV series, and entertainment software far exceeds what our cousins in the USA fork out.

Pinnacle Films Dallas Buyers Club Resized

Bullying tactics by copyright upholders

In the news; a copyright owner has requested information from the various local ISP's in Australia to hand over information regarding the specific download of a movie called the 'Dallas Buyers Club'. Their aim is to then use a tactic called "speculative invoicing", also known as copyright trolling, whereby they send an invoice of $5000 for the illegal download of their content or face having to go to court. Some Australian's would happily pay the fine just to avoid the time in court. It's such bullying tactics that has the likes of iiNet and Telstra defending their client's freedom of access to the Internet. 

These ISP's have ignore their requests and have made it public knowledge that their legal teams will defend their clients information

So what can be done about it?

Considering the high cost of downloading content here in Australia, the content needs to be made more accessible by the copyright owners by utilising fast and easy access to streaming services at an affordable rate. The cost needs to be so low that it discourages the desire to share content via torrent due to the time and hassle. Or alternatively the government may need to step in to legislate laws that protect the content providers from piracy which would in turn force ISP's to hand over all your internet meta data including the downloads that you do. 

What are the alternatives to piracy?

There are on-line streaming services out there that offer a decent range of new/old content at a fraction of the cost of hiring from your local video shop or going to the cinema. Services like Netflix or Hulu offer a wide range of content that will keep the entire family entertained. Although not strictly available in Australia there are ways around the geo-location restrictions that have been put in place.

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