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Apple Watch Essentials

By mnovak


Now that Apple Watch is only a month away from the official launch on the 24th of April and only a few days before the pre-orders begin on 10th of April (in Apple stores world wide), we finally have enough information to know what we can expect from the long awaited device.


8GB of built-in storage (however, only 2GB for music, and 75MB for photos), an S1 processor, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g.

Aside from the control via touch, Apple Watch packs a completely new UI control, 'Digital Crown'. It's a wheel based mechanism which serves as a scroll and browsing aid. When it comes to battery life, a lot is still unknown, but here's the official statement from Apple on that matter.


Apple Watch will be available in two versions: a 1.5 inch (38mm thick) and a 1.7 inch (42mm thick) with screen sizes of 272x340 in the first one, and 319x390 in the second. As of now, there are as many as 38 different designs of the smartwatch available.

As the device lacks a physical keyboard, and writing on such a small screen would be far from pleasant, Apple implemented many useful features which make communication easier into their smartwatch. There is, for example, Smart Replies; an app which helps in responding to messages by offering many user predefined replies. But aside from that, there's always Siri, an invaluable companion of all Apple products through which controlling the device couldn't possibly be nicer and more futuristic. After all, isn't talking to a watch is something we usually associate with movies about spies? Well, it's going to be pretty common reality now.



iOS 8.2

Apple Watch comes with the newest iOS from Apple, which launched on the 9th of March. To pair iPhone with Apple Watch, iPhone needs to be upgraded to the newest version of the iOS.

In addition, Apple Watch will only be compatible with the 5th and 6th generation of iPhone, and obviously, it won't work with devices with Android or Windows Phone. All of it means that if you want to use all of the features Apple Watch offers, you need to have an iPhone, otherwise you'll be experiencing numerous limitations.

Workout Tracking

Apple Watch Sport comes with a lot of great features designed for athletes and amateur sport enthusiasts. The smartwatch has built-in movement sensor, can count your steps, and measure the amount of calories burned daily. Moreover, when the smartwatch doesn't sense any movement for prolonged period of time, it will remind you to take up an activity.

For stationary workouts, Apple Watch is a perfect device, however, for those of you who like to go out for a long run, or ride a bike, Apple Watch might not be enough. The device doesn't have a GPS module, which puts upon it a lot of limitations when it comes to activities where geolocation tracking is important. Of course, when paired with an iPhone, Apple Watch can serve as full-fledged device for running/cycling and basically everything, but it's quite pointless to perform these activities with as many as two devices, it most certainly is not practical.

Remote Control


One of the many great features of Apple Watch is that you can turn your smartwatch into a remote control for Apple TV, iPhone, iTunes, and also pair it with many other devices, and, for example, be able to unlock your door, or turn the lights off/on in your smart home.

Glances and Actionable Notifications

Glances are read-only notifications which show weather updates or reminders from the calendar. When tapped, the user is redirected to in-depth features of a particular app. Actionable Notifications, on the other hand, let users take action defined by an app. For example, when you have forgotten to turn off the lights at home, and have a smart home, the app will inform you about such occurrence, providing you with the option to turn the lights off.

Hotel Key

Among many features that come with Apple Watch, there are two particularly interesting. First, Starwood Hotels's app lets you view the information regarding your reservation, your hotel room, and confirmation number, but also makes it possible for Apple Watch to serve as the very key to your hotel room. Isn't that convenient?

If you'd like to purchase Apple Watch and be able to pair it up with your iPhone, it's worth refreshing the latter. At BuzzAGeek, we perform repairs of all Apple products, just contact us and we'll help you out. Maybe you're interested in obtaining a device which you could control through the Apple Watch but don't exactly know whether what you're after is possible? No problem, our specialists will advise you on each and every aspect of computer hardware or software.

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