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Apple's recent iCloud leak is a lesson for all to be more careful

By mnovak

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Matters of online security couldn’t possibly be overestimated. More and more electronic devices have built-in access to the Internet, add to them the capability of storing personal data and they automatically become potentially attractive targets for hackers and thieves.

With access to your personal data there are almost no limits to the amount of damage you or your business can take. When you’re running a business and are in possession of your clients' personal information, securing that data is by far the most important aspect of your business.

Let’s take a look at a recent major leak from Apple’s iCloud. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, told The Wall Street Journal that although hackers who illegally obtained a couple of hundred pictures of some of the A-list actresses didn’t get the access to their accounts using a glitch in iCloud servers, they still hacked the ‘cloud’ using a common practice of targeting username and finding answers to security questions. Apple promised to tighten their security, but the damage has already been done.

It doesn’t really matter how the leak happened, because one thing stays the same – when there’s no strong online security, a breach is likely to happen.

No one can give a 100% guarantee that security of your systems and servers cannot be breached, but there are many methods which can prevent successful attacks.


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There might be many weak points in your network’s connection security settings making you a potential victim of online theft, therefore, double-check your software and security settings at least twice a month. Updated antivirus database, tight firewall, spyware and malware detection, need to be implemented in every computer whether at company or at home.

Be sure to always encrypt the password and ask strong password recovery questions. When setting up a new electronic device remember to change the default password. As an example, recently one of the test servers of was hacked, because no one changed the default password after connecting the new server. Luckily, the server didn’t contain any consumer personal information, but this situation only proves where might online carelessness lead to. To prevent leaks and attacks contact our Geeks.


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Always be sure to have a backup of both your personal and company’s data. You never know what may happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There is no use in risking losing any of the important data, for recovering it later might be a difficult or even impossible task. Our Geeks can help you make a safe recovery plan that will give you peace of mind.

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