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Apple's production of the iPhone 6 comes to a stand still

Redesign of iPhone 6's back light halts production

It seems that the production of the new iPhone 6 range of smart phones has hit a snag. Apple decided to redesign the back light of the new phone and that has caused the phone's release to be pushed out. And it seems it's that Apple has only themselves to blame.

Before today it seems that the release of the new iPhone was slated for a September launch. But that now may not be possible now.

The iPhone 6 has had numerous setbacks while in development and it all relates to their larger 4.7" and 5.5" displays. Now the back light of the device has caused production to halt between June and July of this year. Apple have always tried to make the phone as thin as possible with every release.

In this case the manufacturers were instructed to use a single layer of back light film. The manufacturers complied with Apple's demands and now it seems that the display really isn't bright enough. 

Iphone6 Picture

So now the designers have had to reintegrated a double layer of back light film into the design of the phone and this has now caused production to halt. Now the manufacturers are working over time in order to try meet the September deadline. However if the manufacturers fail to product enough units and stock levels are low then Apple will be forced to delay the release of the new iPhone 6.

Apple wants to avoid any embarrassment this time around

Apple would really want to avoid any form of embarrassment they have had in the past, for example, iPhone 4's with faulty antennas or the iPhone 5's that were damaged on arrival.

So if you're not prepared to wait for the release of the iPhone 6 then you could always look at the other smart phone alternatives. Remember that Buzz A Geek offers a wide variety of computer related services, including setting up of smartphones and tablets.

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