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Amazing Abilities of a Well-designed Website

By mnovak

Internet Marketing

Internet is currently the most renowned and influential marketing devices on the globe. The information placed on one website can be known worldwide over the time span of just a few hours. Promotional potential of that can't be ignored by companies. Forums, social media, and especially websites can trigger a wave of positive feedback, feedback that leads to high conversion rates.

It often happens that small businesses, which offer good products and services, put too much focus on the amount of information included on their websites and not enough on the visual attractiveness of those websites.

The truth, however, is that too much information served on poorly designed website may be more confusing than informative for a potential client. The key to keep the client’s attention is to present him with a strong and clear message, short and intriguing enough to catch his interest in the services of a particular business. When that concise information is enveloped in eye-catching website design, the two combined work like a charm.

Responsive websites and navigation


Responsive web design (RWD), the optimization of websites for viewing on many devices, is an extremely important aspect of every website, because, today, rarely anyone browses the Internet solely on their PCs/laptops. Technologically advanced smartphones, tablets, phablets--all allow their users to browse the Internet. However, if the website is not designed in a way that makes it possible to browse on devices other than computers, it can be a disaster for any business owner.

RWD leads to another aspect of web design. Navigation.

If clients have to overthink how to navigate from one section of the website to another, it’s very unlikely that those clients will be engaging themselves in this torment any longer, definitely not long enough to get to know the business offered on this kind of a website.

Importance of logo and graphics

Logo Design

Website’s interface is one thing, but without interesting and visually attractive graphics, even the most advanced webpage will never be sufficiently effective and engaging for potential clients.

Crucial element of every website are colours used in the design. Websites with black and dark colour schemes are psychologically proven to be less eye-catching than those designed in bright colours, which are also known to increase readability. Plus, bright colours are less tiring for the eyes.

With logos it’s the same thing. Just think about some of the famous logos out there. These most recognizable are never overly complicated, and most people know them by heart.

If you feel like your the website of your business is far from being attractive or that you should implement new features to it, BuzzAGeek provides comprehensive web solutions - just ask one of our geeks for help and we'll work out the best tactic for your website.

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