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4 Tools from Google to Help You Promote Your Business Website

By mnovak


The key to success of every company is good marketing campaign in which company's visibility online plays one of the biggest roles. There are many different tools and services designed for managing and promoting websites available online, however, one doesn't have to look far because Google has a bundle of such services as well, the quality of which will suffice the needs of even the most demanding business owners.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google's comprehensive advertising service which delivers great results in promoting companies online.

Google AdWords works on a per-click basis which means that you only pay for the service when someone clicks on your ad, and you decide on how much you're willing to pay for a single click. In Google AdWords you can set the geographic area you wish your business to target and then set appropriate keywords. Your ad will pop up in Google's search engines based on these settings.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free service designed to measure the success of your company and, for example, the effectiveness of the above mentioned Google AdWords campaign.

Google Analytics allows users to analyze the number of visitors which come to their site, and check which website drives the most traffic towards your company's site. Users can also track conversion rates, and analyze who is visiting the website and, based on this knowledge, create more narrowly targeted advertisements to bring the audience which counts the most.

Google Trends

Google Trends lets you target keywords which best fit your business. The analysis of these keywords can give you many important and useful information about your company's visibility online such as popularity of particular keywords in Google search results, months in which these keywords are searched for the most, which keywords people use when searching for your business, and how do these keywords compare to those of your competitors'.

Studying results from Google Trends can help you get the most of your internet marketing strategy.

Google My Business


If your company's biggest target audience are customers living nearby, the absolute must is registering your company in Google Places. Whenever people search for companies performing certain services located near them, when registered in Google Places, your company will appear on Google Maps as well as in search engines. Thanks to this solution your potential clients will have easy access to the most important information about your business such as its location, telephone number, website address, and opening hours.

Google Places is one of the most effective ways to reach local target audience.

Specialists at BuzzAGeek can help you register, design, develop, and host professional websites. And if you have other troubles or questions regarding your computer, existing website, or hardware and software related questions, please contact us, and we'll help you out.

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